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Friday, 17 March 2017

3D Extreme Mountain Biking Side By Side - UPDATE

After posting my 3D Extreme Mountain Biking Side By Side  2d to 3D conversion video at 1080p last night, I was really dissappointed to notice that it was incredibly pixelated when I watched it using my headset from YouTube,  as it had looked great on my Mac in SBS 3D.  It was much worse in comparison to my other 3D VR videos in my 3D Videos playlist.

3d VR Videos In 1080p By fixed1t Youtube Playlist

Why Is This?  Answer: Video Compression.

All Video and Audio compression systems use Complex Algorithms to reduce the file size dramatically so they can be watched or listened to on the internet or by other streaming methods.

A lot of these compression algorithms work by sorting out what has changed in a video frame by frame and what hasn't changed, they then throw away the pixels that haven't changed.  Now if there are a lot of unchanging pixels i.e. in a black picture, blue sky, or green grass then a lot gets thrown away.

This process can be seen on a modern TV when the action is set in the dark, the screen is moving about in shades of Grey rather than being black.

So what about this movie, well its a copy of a compressed 2D movie that has been converted using algorithms to 3D, this degrades the movie slightly.  But the big problem for this movie is the fact that the fast moving landscape is all shades of light brown which I think has completely confused the compression algorithms which have thrown away a lot of the video material that is intrinsic to the movie. So rather than clear action, it ends up blotchy and pixelated, as you can see at HD 1080p Youtube resolution.

3D Extreme Mountain Biking Side By Side

After much testing, I discovered 'bizarrely' that if you use the resolution playback setting to set the resolution to 480 dpi

rather than Auto or HD1080p

the 480p result is a much smoother, softer and less pixelated video, which is counter intuitive.

Please feel free to try for yourself and get back to me with your results.


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