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Friday, 17 March 2017

3D Extreme Mountain Biking Side By Side - UPDATE

After posting my 3D Extreme Mountain Biking Side By Side  2d to 3D conversion video at 1080p last night, I was really dissappointed to notice that it was incredibly pixelated when I watched it using my headset from YouTube,  as it had looked great on my Mac in SBS 3D.  It was much worse in comparison to my other 3D VR videos in my 3D Videos playlist.

3d VR Videos In 1080p By fixed1t Youtube Playlist

Why Is This?  Answer: Video Compression.

All Video and Audio compression systems use Complex Algorithms to reduce the file size dramatically so they can be watched or listened to on the internet or by other streaming methods.

A lot of these compression algorithms work by sorting out what has changed in a video frame by frame and what hasn't changed, they then throw away the pixels that haven't changed.  Now if there are a lot of unchanging pixels i.e. in a black picture, blue sky, or green grass then a lot gets thrown away.

This process can be seen on a modern TV when the action is set in the dark, the screen is moving about in shades of Grey rather than being black.

So what about this movie, well its a copy of a compressed 2D movie that has been converted using algorithms to 3D, this degrades the movie slightly.  But the big problem for this movie is the fact that the fast moving landscape is all shades of light brown which I think has completely confused the compression algorithms which have thrown away a lot of the video material that is intrinsic to the movie. So rather than clear action, it ends up blotchy and pixelated, as you can see at HD 1080p Youtube resolution.

3D Extreme Mountain Biking Side By Side

After much testing, I discovered 'bizarrely' that if you use the resolution playback setting to set the resolution to 480 dpi

rather than Auto or HD1080p

the 480p result is a much smoother, softer and less pixelated video, which is counter intuitive.

Please feel free to try for yourself and get back to me with your results.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

3D Extreme Mountain Biking Side By Side

Wear Your 3D VR Headset To Watch This.

HAVEN'T GOT ONE ? Then your missing out on realistic life experiences, if you have a iPhone, Samsung, Google or other device the headsets are cheap and easy to set up and use.  It really is like being there.

fixed1t 3D Video Conversions

I Watched A 2D Video Of A Guy Mountain Biking Down Some Extreme Terrain At Speed in 2D
I Wanted To Be There In 3D. So I've Converted It For Side-By-Side 3D


Monday, 19 December 2016

Sony Playstation VR - Enormous Price Hikes

You may have seen my recent rant over Sony Playstation VR purchasing by sharks to manipulate the buyers market. You can read the piece using the link below:

Sony Playstation VR - Loathsome Bulk Buying Price Hikers

I thought we'd reached the peak of this greed, but as the major distributors are stating they will have no stock until after Christmas ads like this on Amazon continue to appear with apparently larger and larger price hikes.

It seems odd to me that market manipulation at the shareholder level is illegal, but buying up product to sell on at extortionately high prices due to the lack of availability seems to be okay, and supported by the big players.

I just stumbled on this on Amazon UK

Time to vote with our feet people, and not to buy.

Ho Hum Humbug Christmas Exploitation Is Increasing

I just heard a piece on BBC Radio 4 UK interviewing Santas and the kids were asking about which 3D VR should they get, gulp, at these prices I'd say the cheap phone holding headsets.  If Sony wanted to grow the market this Christmas, then they should have done what Apple do and set a maximum price you can charge as a reseller, and how it as close to the RRP as possible.

Shame on you people.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Sony Playstation VR - Loathsome Bulk Buying Price Hikers

Profiteering Sony Playstation VR Headset Over Pricing

With Christmas coming up and expectations being set high for the must have gadget for Christmas 2016, you would hope that the Christmas spirit would prevail.

There was a great scene in the original Black & White movie Miracle on 34th Street

which one of my most favourite movies ever.  It brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes, as the Chris Kringle the Santa telling kids parents in Macy's store where they can buy certain toys Macy's don't stock or who has them cheaper.

It's a lovely thought, and in the film is portrayed as a marketing success, as it is today for John Lewis, 'never knowingly undersold'

So it really angers me when I discovered that some loathsome creatures have bought up stock of the expensive Sony Playstation VR Headset

which itself isn't cheap or completely ready to use, as I outlined in my BLOG Article 

Read This Before Buying A Sony Playstation VR

But SHARKS appear to be using their purchase allocation to screw buyers for an extra £150+ for the same item, if they want it before Christmas.  Why would people pay an extra £150+ ? well it because of its rarity (due to SHARKS buying up of available stock to fleece buyers with their higher pricing). 

I found this on Amazon UK

Amazon states that they have sold their QUOTA at £349 and won't have any more until January 2017, then there is a huge list of Shark Sellers, many more than I show in the picture above.

No you may think differently, but to me this is no different to Ticket Touting, and in my view should be outlawed as blatant Market Manipulation and Profiteering.  Sony should not give allocation to these companies, and especially not at Christmas time.

If you agree that this practise I will call 'PRODUCT TOUTING' should be banned then please like, thumbs up and share this article.  In fact I think I will email BBC Radio 4 consumer programme so they can look into it and see how widespread this is.  

Let's face it in a time of recession, when products are being splashed in front of the eyes of people with little free cash, the situation shouldn't be made worse by this loathsome profiteering SHARKS.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

3D VR 1080p Puzzle Beautifully Camouflaged Creature

fixed1t Virtual Reality 3D

On A Great Trip To Cornwall I Came Across This Beautiful Example Of Natural Camouflage. Can You See It? I Wondered If It Would Be Easier To See In 3D

The first part of this video is in SBS 3D VR So please put on your headset or just watch cross eyed the middle of the 3 videos

The second part is Red/Cyan Half Colour

If Your Not Using Your Phone For 3D, Your Really Missing Out.

More Details Here

Here is a link to the great Improved Google Cardboard Like Phone 3D Headset With Age Related additional focusing.

Click This Link for My Review Of The VR SHINEON SDS Phone 3D Headset


3D VR Focusing Headset With Bluetooth Remote

This video is about 3D VR Focusing Headset With Bluetooth Remote In my last video  reviewed Google SBS 3D glasses. But due to age related Presbyopia (Long Sight), I need focusing 3D VR

SBS 3D VR Cardboard Google glasses. I Bought These.

These are cheap and great, click the link below to find them:


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Read This Before Buying A Sony Playstation VR

A new come on the VR scene, released and sold out early this month is the Sony Playstation VR

It's been getting excellent reviews from new users and has been selling out across the board, and although there are limited games available for it at this time, Sony et al seem committed to creating content for it.

Now you would think that the VR system would come with everything a user needs to plug it into your playstation and use it.  Sadly, in order to keep the price down the Sony Playstation VR is missing some vital playstation accessories in order to work.

The first thing you will need is a compatible Sony Playstation it will not work well with some of the older models.  In truth to get the most out of the Sony Playstation VR it is advisable to purchase the
recently released Sony Playstation Pro

Okay, so you have the Sony Playstation VR and a new Sony Playstation Pro you are all set aren't you?  Well no, in order to interacted with the 3D VR Virtual World it needs to see what your VR Headset is doing i.e. are you turning, raising, lowering or moving your head and to do this it needs information from the Sony Playstation 4 Camera

Now your almost ready, your in VR on a very fast Playstation which is tracking your head but you can't interact with it using your arms without a Twin Pack of Move Motion Controllers

The final thing you require to get complete immersion in the Sony Playstation VR Virtual World is the a pair of Sony Playstation Headphones

 this is so you can't hear the comments from those around you as you wave and gesticulate about in your alternative reality.  Once you have all these items your ready to rumble in your own virtual world.

Virtual Reality 3D Worlds are springing up everywhere, along with Stereo Graphic images and 3D VR, this includes my own VR content.

If you have an early Playstation 4 you may want to consider selling it privately to reduce the price of the Playstation 4 Pro.  If you are considering this option sooner rather than later is the policy, before the prices of the older units drop with the introduction of the Sony Playstation 4 Pro.

Hope to see you in Virtual Space.