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Sunday, 21 March 2021

Fortnite 3D VR Mix My Season 6 Zero Crisis Finale

#fixed1t3DVRvideos Here is another fixed1t 3D VR Side By Side Google Cardboard Video Conversion Mix As my Fortnite alter ego fixed1t_fixer I worked with Jonesy to avoid the total annihilation of the world in the catastrophe of the Zero Crisis Finale in the Zero Point. As with previous Fortnite season ending and starts with graphics and sound are amazing in 2D. But 3D VR Side By Side Google Cardboard video takes you right there with us. This video is also over 11 minutes long which means you get to experience it in full. If you weren't there, just find where you put thats 3D Viewing Headset for your phone, put your phone in it and come along and be part of the ride. Its a great role-coaster of action from start to finish. Once you've got your headset on and are comfortable with it, head over to this playlist and watch my other fixed1t 3D side-by-side videos. Come on do it, why be stuck at home bored when you can be out there in 3D space and time, what a great escape. Malcolm aka #fixed1t

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